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Making boots in Australia since 1910.

After 105 years Rossiter’s Pty Ltd is still owned by the Rossiter family, with each successive generation inheriting the passion of their ancestors to make great Australian boots.
Rossi Boots is a next generation manufacturer with the soul of a master boot maker from 1910 and one of the few remaining boot makers committed to manufacturing in Australia.
After a century of crafting boots, Rossiters know quality never goes out of style. It’s the secret to a boot that lasts and feels so comfortable, you forget they’re on your feet.

Made by Aussie hands
Rossiters craft their quality boots in their Australian factory. With their team of skilled sewers, cutters and craftspeople, they're retaining manufacturing skills in Australia and imbuing their products with the quality that comes from taking pride in our craft.
They've come a long way since Arthur Rossiter started making boots in his backyard shed in 1908. Technology has changed and the factory is bigger, but their principles of craftsmanship, quality and comfort remain the same.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items