Lodge 26cm Skillet - 120th anniversary


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Lodge Cast Iron Skillet 26cm
120th Anniversary Edition

The commemorative skillet, which will have the 120th anniversary logo on the back

-Pre-seasoned cast-iron
-Rugged cast-iron construction heats slowly and evenly
-Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil formula and ready for immediate use
-Handle with hole for hanging, complemented by helper handle
-Lifetime limited warranty; oven safe to 500 degrees F; hand wash with warm water only
-Suitable for all stovetops, including induction
-Suitable for outdoor cooking on open fire
-Oven safe
-Handwash only, regular seasoning required
-Made in USA

Let’s Cook...
-Your cookware is right at home on or in any heat source, indoors or out, except the microwave.
-All new cookware should be rinsed and dried promptly before your first use.
-Lodge cookware is already seasoned, so you are ready to start cooking.
-Use any utensils you like, even metal. There is no chemical coating to damage.
-Always lift cookware on smooth-top stoves. Sliding anything can scratch the surface.
-Our handles can get hot, so protect your hands by using a handle holder.
-Cast iron performs best when heated and cooled gradually, so give it a few minutes to pre-heat.
-Cast iron has superior heat retention, so use a lower heat setting to prevent food from sticking.

-Seasoning is simply oil baked onto the iron, giving it a natural, easy-release finish.
-Lodge pre-seasons all of its cookware with soy vegetable oil and nothing else.
-Any food-safe cooking oil/shortening will work for maintaining your cookware.
-We recommend vegetable oil, canola oil, Rice Bran or Grape seed.
-Seasoning is an ongoing process that improves the more you cook.
-With some foods, new cookware might require a little extra oil or butter the first few uses.
-Acidic or alkaline foods like tomatoes and some beans should only be cooked once seasoning is well-established.
-Dishwashers, metal scouring pads, and harsh detergents will harm the seasoning.
-Rust happens, and it is easy to fix. Just follow these directions.


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Lodge 26cm Skillet - 120th anniversary

Lodge 26cm Skillet - 120th anniversary